"QRIS should open the doors to quality in all of the modalities that are caring for kids."

- Jolene Smith, Executive Director, First 5 Santa Clara County

"Appropriate supports and incentives are needed to ensure teachers have the necessary skills, including: an accessible community college system, aligned licensing and education requirements, and ongoing professional development and coaching."

- David Brody, Executive Director, First 5 Santa Cruz County

"The counties in the partnership have been able to test and refine and then push their learnings up."

- Laurel Kloomok, Executive Director, First 5 San Francisco


As a capstone to the achievements of the Bay Area Quality Early Learning Partnership and its collective efforts to implement QRIS locally and as a region, a report was developed that summarizes regional findings, recommendations for policy and system changes, and lessons learned. The report is composed of five topic-specific briefs.

QRIS implementation over the past three years has also led the Partnership to identify numerous recommendations for changes that are needed to support the vision of quality, including recommendations for specific areas of QRIS implementation, broader system and policy changes, and next steps for the Partnership’s own efforts.

Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge

Achievements and Lessons Learned from Regional QRIS Implementation

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